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Metrics details Abstract Subtalar osteoarthritis STOA is often secondary to chronic ankle sprains, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. Due to its etiology and pathogenesis was not studied equivocally yet, there is currently a lack of effective conservative treatments.

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Although they have been used for tissue repair, platelet-rich plasma-derived exosomes PRP-Exo have the disadvantage of low retention and short-lived therapeutic effects. PRP-Exo incorporated Gel Exo-Gel subtaláris osteoarthritis, composed of Poloxamer and mixture-based thermoresponsive hydrogel matrix in an optimal ratio, was determined by its release subtaláris osteoarthritis of Exo and rheology of Gel response to different temperature.

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Exo released from Exo-Gel continuously for 28 days subtaláris osteoarthritis promote the proliferation and migration of mouse bone mesenchymal stem cells mBMSCs and chondrocytes, at the same time enhance the chondrogenic differentiation of mBMSCs, hogyan lehet enyhíteni a fájdalmat a térdízületben inhibit inflammation-induced chondrocyte degeneration.

In vivo experiments confirmed that Exo-Gel increased the local retention of Exo, inhibited the apoptosis and hypertrophy of chondrocytes, enhanced their proliferation, and potentially played the role in stem cell recruitment to delay the development of STOA.

Therefore, it is a major public health problem and a major health care burden, although ankle sprain is often regarded as an inconsequential injury. Unfortunately, ankle sprain is not a onetime injury, which is one of the strongest risk factors for recurrent ankle sprain and chronic ankle subtaláris osteoarthritis CAI [ 34 ].

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  • Select Page Subtalar Arthritis Subtalar arthritis is a type of arthritis which affects the subtalar joint, that is, the joint found below the ankle joint in the hindfoot.
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  • Subtalar Joint Arthritis Subtalar Joint Arthritis or Pathology The Subtalar joint is between the talus and the calcaneus bones in the hind foot, underneath the ankle joint.

At present, the focus of attention has been subtaláris osteoarthritis the talocrural joint degeneration caused by lateral ankle sprains.

However, due to the similar trauma mechanisms and clinical manifestations of subtalar joint, it leads to underdiagnosis or misdiagnosis of anklesubtalar joint complex injury [ 8 ]. To resolve these problems, pathophysiology of ankle OA should be elucidated first. Although such studies substantially promote the development of ankle joint research, the molecular mechanisms of cartilage homeostasis in subtalar joint and intervention for acute lateral ankle sprains are still rarely studied. Most treatments for osteoarthritis, especially for ankle OA, are palliative and cannot prevent the progression of the disease, nor can it replace degenerated cartilage.


At present, there is an urgent need for an effective conservative treatment method that can not only maintain subtaláris osteoarthritis function but also relieve pain, so as to improve the quality of life of patients. Platelet-rich plasma PRP is an autologous blood product obtained by centrifugation of autologous blood. It contains a high concentration of platelets and a large number of growth factors.

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Various growth factors and cytokines are released from degranulated platelets and play a vital role in joint homeostasis and healing [ 14 ]. In recent years, intraarticular injection of PRP has become a treatment option for knee [ 151617 ] and ankle [ 1819 ] OA. Despite these benefits, one defect that limits the clinical application of PRP is the requirement for autologous platelets.

Subtalar Arthritis | Foot + Ankle Arthroscopy | Atlanta | Georgia

In addition to these growth factors, stimulation of platelets can also cause them to secrete a large number of extracellular vesicles, including exosomes Exo, 40— nm in diameter [ 20 ]. In the past few decades, the discovery of Exo is one of the most revolutionary subtaláris osteoarthritis to cell biology [ 21 ]. They serve as unique carriers of biologically active proteins, mRNAs, and microRNAs, and participate in cell-cell communication.

Importantly, recent studies have found that PRP-derived Exo PRP-Exo have great potential in the field of tissue repair and regeneration [ 2223 ], with antiinflammatory effect and positive regulation of cell biological activity [ subtaláris osteoarthritis ].

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Moreover, Exo are not immunogenic and have no species difference, which means that the signal carried by Exo can be transmitted across species [ 2526 ]. Due to their low immunogenicity and stability, Exo are the best carrier for clinical nanotherapy.

What Is Subtalar Arthritis?

Considering this immediate az ízületi gyulladás gyógyítható of Exo, which will lead to a reduction in therapeutic exposure, scholars have conducted indepth studies on the use of injectable hydrogels Gel to increase the retention of therapeutic drugs subtaláris osteoarthritis 272829 ].

Incorporation of Exo in Gel can allow the controlled release of Exo for a longer period of time, which can even further increase the therapeutic exposure and maximize their efficacy. Injectable Gel based on synthetic materials such as e. Besides, they may be less susceptible to batch-to-batch variations and the most promising candidate systems to increase subtaláris osteoarthritis local retention of Exo [ 2730 ].

Previously, a thermoresponsive in situ gel drug delivery system was developed with biosafety poloxamers Poloxamers and [31], nonionic amphiphilic copolymers composed of a central hydrophobic block of polyoxypropylene PPO flanked by two hydrophilic blocks of polyoxyethylene PEO.

Two hydrophilic polyethylene oxides PEO [ 3132 ]. The thermoresponsive property of Gel can be attributed to the phase reverse thermal gelation of the poloxamers under certain condition.

Tendon pathology tenosynovitis, tendon tears Any other pathology CT images give excellent information on bone structure and is superior to plain radiography in that respect. Ultrasound is particularly good at ascertaining: Presence of inflammation in the lining of the joint synovitis Evidence of fluid in the joint effusion Evidence of adjacent soft tissue structure pathology such as tenosynovitis Bone Scan Bone scan is a non specific test. It utilises a radioactive dye, absorbed by the body and taken up by areas of high metabolic activity such as inflammation and infection.

However, whether PRP-Exo combined with thermosensitive Gel can prolong Exo retention and enhance therapeutic effects is unknown. Here, we investigated the use of thermosensitive Gel with poloxamers as a platform for PRP-Exo delivery, aiming to prolong a könyökízület gyulladása delivery of Exo to targeted organs.

In this study, PRP-Exo incorporated Gel Exo-Gel prolonged the release of Exo with biological activity, which promoted the proliferation and migration of mouse bone mesenchymal stem cells mBMSCs and chondrocytes, enhanced subtaláris osteoarthritis chondrogenic differentiation of mBMSCs, and protected chondrocytes aganist apoptosis and degeneration induced by inflammation in vitro.

Animals All mice in this study were acquired from Gempharmatech China.

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All experimental procedures were conducted in conformity with institutional guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals and protocols, which were approved by the Animal Care and Use Committee of Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital, Medical School of Nanjing University No.

These reseeded cells were considered to be the first generation P1and so on as the second P2third P3 subtaláris osteoarthritis, etc. Cell culture of chondrocytes To extract chondrocytes, 1 d-old pups were sacrificed for collection of cartilage from knees. First, cartilage was into small pieces after washing with PBS. Second, the samples were digested in 0.

The released chondrocytes were seeded in T25 cell culture flasks. The culture medium was refreshed every 3 days. The data was analyzed by Flowjo 7.

Subtalar Joint Arthritis or Pathology

Adipogenic, Osteogenic, and chondrogenic differention of mBMSCs were performed according to standard culture methods, and measured via Oil red O staining, Alizarin Red staining, and Alcian blue AB staining, respectively.

These images were obtained through bright-field microscope Nikon TS2, Japan. Chondrogenic differentiation of mBMSCs According to the instructions, induction medium Cyagen, China; containing: TGFβ3 1 mg per ml medium of chondrogenic differentiation was replaced every 3 days. AB staining and COL II-immunofluorescence were conducted after 2 weeks of culture to evaluation of chondrogenic differentiation ability. PRP extraction Based on the methods of Tao et al.

After centrifugation at g for 10 min, platelet-containing plasma was carefully absorbed and transferred to a new centrifuge tube Beckman coulter, USA and centrifuged again at g for 15 min. The supernatant plasma was discarded, before the platelet pellet was subtaláris osteoarthritis in the residual plasma to obtain 4 ml PRP.

Then, the supernatant was filtered through a 0.

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The liquid was washed with PBS and ultrafiltered at g again. After washing by PBS, Exo suspension was ultracentrifuged again at the same high speed for 70 min.

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Gel and Exo-Gel preparation The production methods of Gel have been described in our previous report [ 33 ], the total polymer concentration of blank Gel was set to Poloxamer and were added into ddH2O according to the ratio to stir and mix evenly at 4 ºC. Then, the Gel in liquid state was fully mixed with extracted Enyhíti az ízületi fájdalmakat, and this Exo incorporated Gel Exo-Gel system was freeze-dried by lyophilizer Christ Alpha, Germany.